Rick Nolan, environmental activist

Rick Nolan has always been an environmental activist. It’s who he was in the 1970s when he was my congressman. It’s who he is today. He’s also a full-fledged socialist. To prove that final point, Rep. Nolan was just endorsed by a pro-Bernie Sanders organization called Our Revolution. Their stated goal is to “revitalize American democracy by unifying the millions of people who got involved over the course of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in support of progressive causes.” It’s noteworthy that Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva, the co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, were endorsed by Our Revolution.

There’s no questioning whether Ellison and Grijalva are far left lefties. They’re a hard left turn from someone like Tim Walz, who is one of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite puppets. But I digress.

The truth is that Rep. Nolan is an environmental activist. In 2012, I wrote this post to highlight how reluctant Nolan was to cross the environmental activists about mining. At the time, the Pioneer Press reported that “DFL congressional candidate Rick Nolan proposed on Wednesday, July 18, development of a new federal technical institute on mining and the environment to help the industry overcome production and environmental issues to create more jobs, an idea immediately panned by his opponents as expensive and ineffective. Nolan said the institute would help push applied research that would help mining companies overcome technical problems such as how to extract more mineral from the same rock, but also to overcome environmental issues like reducing waste rock and making sure mine runoff doesn’t damage local waterways.”

In other words, Rep. Nolan did his best chameleon impersonation. He wanted to appear pro-mining without upsetting the environmental activists. Rick Nolan isn’t the miners’ friend. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing to the miners. He’s said he supports mining but it’s fair to ask when the last time was that he fought for good paying mining jobs.

Anyone can say that they’re pro-mining. The proof of whether that person is pro-mining is provided when they fight another special interest ally in creating good-paying mining jobs. That’s when a politician makes a decision. Until then, pro-mining statements are just politicians flapping their lips. It isn’t proof.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog