Dan Wolgamott, far left lefty

If you look at Dan Wolgamott’s issues page, it’s pretty clear that he’s a big government liberal attempting to sound like a centrist. It’s clear that Mr. Wolgamott wants to paint himself as a centrist by saying that he’d “work across party lines to move our state forward.” If Mr. Wolgamott is that interested in working across party lines to move the state forward, why didn’t he fight for the $800,000,000 middle class tax relief plan? I know he didn’t have a vote on the matter but speaking out in favor of it would’ve put pressure on Gov. Dayton and the Metro DFL to push for a special session to re-pass the Tax Bill.

Mr. Wolgamott’s association with corrupt far left lefty organizations like TakeAction Minnesota indicates that he isn’t the centrist he’s portraying himself as during this campaign. This morning, I got an email from TakeAction Minnesota warning me that the Koch Brothers want to steal legislative elections here in Minnesota. The email said “the Koch funded organization – Americans for Prosperity – is pouring money into our State Legislative races, launching a mail campaign this week with much more to follow. We want to create a Minnesota where our government and economy is working for us and by us. Our elections work reflects this belief – we are invested in the leadership development of our volunteers and we’re intentionally engaging neighborhoods that are too often overlooked during the election cycle. The work of our endorsed progressive champions reflects this – Ilhan Omar, Erin Maye Quade, Alberder Gillespie, Zach Dorholt, Dan Wolgamott, Lindsey Port, and others.”

TakeAction Minnesota is part of the ProgressNow-Alliance for a Better Minnesota coalition. Wolgamott can’t run as who he is. He can’t run as a Dorholt-like lefty. That’s because Wolgamott lives in St. Cloud, not in the Fourth or Fifth districts or Duluth. If he lived there, then he’d be able to run as the far left lefty that he is. In St. Cloud, he has to pretty much run as a centrist. That’s what Tarryl did in 2005 and 2006. She couldn’t run as a moderate in 2010 because she’d acquired a voting record that exposed her as a tax-raising lefty.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog