Dahms-Weber op-ed a winner

This op-ed, co-written by Sen. Gary Dahms and Sen. Bill Weber, should be published throughout Minnesota. It should be published throughout Minnesota because it exposes the DFL’s plan for victory this November.

This isn’t surprising. The DFL is led by Gov. Dayton, who frequently acts like a spoiled rich brat, and Rep. Thissen, who consistently acts like the world stops a mile beyond the Twin Cities city limits. For instance, every rural voter should know that “when the DFL majority presented their first bonding and cash bill in the State Senate in early May with a combined expenditure of $1.8 billion, not a single dollar was included for light rail — yet every DFL Senator voted for the bill” and that “they add a light rail amendment to the compromise bonding bill just before deadline. Every DFL senator voted for that and now don’t want a bonding bill without it, effectively derailing the whole bonding bill.”

What’s clear is that the DFL isn’t interested in governing. It’s clear that the DFL prefers the campaign talking point over doing what’s right for Minnesotans. How can you vote for a $1.8 billion bonding bill that doesn’t mention SWLRT, then insist that they won’t agree to a special session because funding SWLRT is a high priority — which they forgot about in a bill almost twice the size of the bonding bill they sabotaged. And, yes, sabotaged is the right word, especially in light of this information:

With lawsuits still going on over routing of Southwest Light Rail etc., there was no immediate rush to fund this. The feds have indicated they want the lawsuits settled before funding is committed.

In other words, Gov. Stomp-His-Feet-And-Hold-His-Breath sabotaged the bonding bill and the Tax Relief Bill over a provision that was, at best, an afterthought to the DFL in their bonding bill.

This is good advice:

We ask all voters in Greater Minnesota to keep this in mind in the 2016 elections.

I’ll go a step further. All voters should ask themselves if they want to turn power over to a bunch of morally bankrupt politicians whose allegiances are to an endless parade of special interest organizations and to the goal of doing whatever it takes to regain the levers of power. If that doesn’t sound like a bunch of trustworthy politicians, it’s because they aren’t trustworthy politicians.

It’s time to vote for politicians that will do what’s best for your families, not do what the special interests tell them to do. If you aspire to voting for citizen representatives who care what’s best for you, then you can’t vote DFL this cycle. This cycle, the DFL are nothing but dishonest politicians who have an ideological agenda that’s counterproductive to what Minnesotans want.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog