Pro-Trump fundraising gets boost

According to this article, the spigots have opened from GOP donors and the money is starting to pour into the pro-Trump superPACs. It’s quite the change from a month ago when “Trump only had $1.3 million in his campaign account. Both SuperPACs were also cash poor. One only had $500,000 in funds, and another only had a little over a million dollars in useable funds.”

That’s a far cry from this weekend because the Rebuilding American Now superPAC “received a single $3 million donation from Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus and held a fundraiser at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Cleveland Wednesday evening, with 25 high-powered donors in attendance.” Thanks to those things, the pro-Trump superPACs have started showing signs of life.

That isn’t the only good news on the pro-Trump superPAC front. Another bit of good news is that another “pro-Trump superPAC called Great America PAC held a 100-person dinner on Monday. Dorothy Woods, a widow of the terror attacks in Benghazi spoke in an attempt to rally the crowd.” As a result of these events, Hillary will face a mini-barrage of ads this upcoming week:

Trump ended June with $41 million in reserves, according to FEC records. The large fundraising boost granted by the convention will enable the Republican Party to take control of a portion of the news cycle during the Democratic National Convention starting Monday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Let’s hope Trump uses some of that money to run a negative ad that asks this simple question: Are you safer now than you were 8 years ago? Finish that ad by asking if the threat of terrorism is greater than it was 8 years ago. The other ad would be about the economy. I’d have that ad ask whether the Obama recovery passed you by. Finish that ad by saying that Wall Street did well but Main Street didn’t do so hot, that green energy got guaranteed loans while coal miners got pink slips with more heading their direction.

In June, Hillary outspent Trump $57,000,000 to $4,000,000. The polls tightened in Trump’s favor. Let’s see whether the polls start shifting in Trump’s direction if the advertising is competitive.

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