Twins fire Terry Ryan

Saying that this decision is startling is understatement. Minutes ago, the Twins announced that they’d fired Terry Ryan as their GM. Jim Souhan, the longtime Strib sports columnist and former Twins beat writer, summed it up best when he wrote “The Twins’ firing of Terry Ryan feels shocking, but only because of his personality and the organization’s longstanding commitment to loyalty among its most visible employees.”

This isn’t Carl Pohlad’s team anymore. It’s Jim Pohlad’s team. Though they’re father and son, style-wise, they’re miles apart. Carl Pohlad hated paying big money on free agents or to retain the Twins’ own free agents. Jim Pohlad hasn’t hesitated in signing free agents. (Think Ervin Santana, Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes.)

The truth is that the Twins haven’t been competitive in almost a decade. While their farm system has done a decent job of producing position player (decent, not great), their farm system has utterly failed at producing starting pitching or relief pitching. While that appears to be turning around, it’s clear that the Twins’ farm system should’ve produced more All Stars considering the fact that they’ve been drafting in the top 10 in the draft pretty much every year.

TR is a man of integrity but that isn’t justification enough to keep him as the Twins’ GM.

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