‘ISIS candidate’ still running

Dan Kimmel made just one mistake as a candidate. As a result, he’s essentially a dead man walking. Kimmel is running the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 56A, which is Burnsville. He’s running against Rep. Drew Christensen. Here’s Kimmel’s mistake:

That’s breathtakingly foolish. What person says “ISIS isn’t necessarily evil. People doing what they think best for their community. Violence isn’t the answer, though.”? I’m betting the only politicians that say things that foolish are politicians that should start writing their concession speeches in July.

Kimmel is so radioactive that Paul Thissen won’t support him:

Alpha News reached out to House Minority Leader Paul Thissen for comment on Kimmel’s renewed campaign bid. When asked if he supported the candidate, a representative for Thissen responded “he does not.”

Mr. Kimmel isn’t done fighting, though:

After several attempts to reach Kimmel, Alpha News received the following response via email: “I haven’t responded because I haven’t come up with the simple answer I think you want.” Alpha News reached out to Kimmel a third time and did not receive another response.

TRANSLATION: I know I screwed up. There’s nothing I can say.

Get out the butter. Mr. Kimmel is toast.

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