Hillary won’t quit lying

People, myself included, have said that Donald Trump won’t pivot to being ‘presidential’. It simply isn’t in his DNA. Think WYSIWYG as a politician. This post isn’t about Trump, though. It’s about Hillary, the woman to whom the laws don’t apply. She’s always thought that the laws don’t apply to her. I’m certain that Hillary thinks yesterday’s announcement was simply fate. It wasn’t. It was proof that another official made a terrible decision. Suffice it to say that people across the political spectrum vehemently disagreed with Director Comey’s decision. The best illustration of bipartisan anger is found in this CNN article. There’s a little bit of commentary and reporting from the CNN reporter, then tons of negative reaction from Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

Rosario Dawson tweeted “The #SystemIsRigged indeed. So disgusted. #Demexit #Dexit #BernieOrBust #OurRevolution #NotMeUs #UpToUs #TimeIsNow” Later, BernieFacts tweeted “Retweet if the Democratic Party is dead to you.” StarStuff might’ve tweeted the nastiest thing, saying “#MoreTrustedThanHillary: Michael J. Fox as a tattoo artist.”

Suffice it to say that Hillary is incompetent, corrupt and arrogant. She should be getting fitted for prison wear but FBI Director Comey screwed that up. Hillary won’t change. The day Hillary stops lying is the day Lucifer starts handing out ice skates. It ain’t happening in my lifetime.

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