Al Franken: E-Democracy’s legacy?

It figures that E-Democracy is promoting Al Franken to be Hillary’s running mate. A member of E-Democracy appears to have posted this link of a Politico article, which is accompanied by this commentary “This is not a joke: Hillary needs someone like Franken if she’s going to beat Trump. This is not a joke. Senator Al Franken should be the Democratic Party’s
choice for vice president.”

Sen. Franken is a joke. The thought of Franken being a heartbeat away from the Oval Office will frighten anyone. That aside, it’s entirely fitting. Yesterday, FBI Director Comey called Hillary a liar without using that exact language. Meanwhile, Franken wrote a book about Hillary in 2003. It’s titled “Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.”

The book wasn’t intended to be about Hillary. It’s just that it fits perfectly. In his book, Franken made lots of dishonest statements. Here’s the fact-check of one of Franken’s dishonest accusations. In other words, Hillary lies and Franken swears to it. What could be more fitting from the Democrats’ presidential ticket?

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