Is the indoctrination complete?

After reading this LTE, I’m left wondering whether everyone in the DFL is utterly gullible or if it’s just a majority of them that are gullible.

I started questioning the premise when I read “Even though I haven’t been politically involved, I have done a fair amount of reading. The Minnesota Republican Party seems to be stuck in the thinking that what we need is more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.” How can you do “a fair amount of reading” and still think that the Republican Party of Minnesota thinks “that what we need is more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans”?

Anyone with a reading comprehension level above eighth grade knows that the GOP passed a tax bill that would’ve benefitted veterans, students with student loan debt, farmers, small businesses and parents trying to save for their children’s college education. What part of that sounds like Republicans think “tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans” is the path to prosperity?

Either the man who wrote this LTE is illiterate or he’s exceptionally dishonest. It’s possible he’s both.

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