LRT destroys jobs, businesses

Julia Erynn’s articleprovides proof that the people closest to light rail projects don’t like them. Ms. Erynn’s article starts by saying “Dozens of business owners in St. Paul are speaking out against a light rail addition to West 7th St, placing signs in their windows urging patrons to sign a petition against the additional mass transit” then adding “The local business owners fear growing crime rates (which are proven along light rail routes), loss of parking for customers, and loss of revenue.”

That’s fantastic. Crime increases and taxpayers subsidize the criminals’ ‘getaway car’. I don’t know the specifics of this neighborhood but I know that other neighborhoods affected by light rail have been decimated because they’ve relied on walk-up business. Light rail demolishes that business model. Why can’t city planners leave well enough alone? Why do they have to side with the special interests all of the time?

As bad as that is, this is worse:

Several of the local owners say they feel they are not involved enough in the decision making process.

This information isn’t surprising either:

Alpha News has reached out to local lawmakers Senator Sandy Pappas (DFL) and Representative Carlos Mariani and have yet to receive comment.

Why would elected officials think that they need to be accountable? What St. Paul needs is their STPexit.

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