Bipartisan compromise in the works?

Despite Gov. Dayton’s best efforts to play the part of Obstructionist-in-Chief, with a supporting cast of metro environmentalists and SWLRT activists, it appears as though a bipartisan compromise has been reached between Sen. Jeremy Miller, (R-Winona), and Sen. Roger Reinert, (DFL-Duluth).

The key part of their compromises comes when they say “While there are projects in the districts we represent that didn’t make the bonding bill legislative leaders agreed to in the final hours of regular session, we realize that in order to garner the three-fifths super majority needed in each chamber to pass a bonding bill, any additional projects will need to have a strong state-wide significance.”

Sen. Miller and Sen. Reinert then lay out their proposal, saying “First, in recognition of the University of Minnesota’s critical role in our designation as a top state for healthcare education, access, and outcomes, we support including the University of Minnesota Health Sciences Education Facility in a final bonding bill. Second, in order to avoid unnecessary additional costs to taxpayers that would occur if the Minnesota Security Hospital Upgrade is not fully funded this year, we also support including their full request in the bonding bill.”

Simply put, I think this paints Gov. Dayton into a tight corner. It’s apparent that there’s significant bipartisan opposition to Gov. Dayton’s demands for funding SWLRT. Here’s the senators’ letter:

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