ABM’s BS factory working overtime

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota, aka ABM, is the DFL’s BS machine. These days, it looks more like a BS factory than anything else. This post’s content is almost totally BS. In a blatant display of dishonesty, ABM insists that “Daudt and his Republican colleagues have pursued a harmful, Trump-like agenda.”

That’s interesting. It’s also BS. Speaker Daudt and the GOP haven’t said that they’ll sit down with the NRA to straighten them out about gun rights and due process rights. Trump certainly hasn’t put together a middle class tax cut proposal like Speaker Daudt and the GOP have. Trump’s tax plan favors corporations. Tax Chair Larry Davids’ plan favors veterans, students, small businesses and parents saving for their kids’ college education. Trump’s proposal is as similar to Chairman Davids’ proposal as ice cream is similar to hydraulic log splitters.

The title to ABM’s propaganda piece is titled “Speaker Daudt Can’t Deny His Ties to Trump.” I know ABM will hammer that theme for the rest of the campaign even though it doesn’t have anything to do with reality. That’s why ABM will hammer it. They know it isn’t the truth. That’s what ABM specializes in. What’s coy is ABM’s tactic of quoting a Trump campaign worker:

Similarly, the Minnesota Trump campaign chair said, “Speaker Daudt will be a tremendous champion for our shared message in Cleveland, and across Minnesota.”

Let’s remember that Trump promised to self-fund his campaign, too. Yesterday, news reports flourished that Trump raised $3,100,000 in May and that he’s got $1,289,000 cash on hand (CoH). Trusting anything Trump says or that his surrogates say isn’t just foolish. It’s proof that you’re totally gullible. I don’t doubt that they’d love to have Speaker Daudt’s endorsement but that isn’t happening. Speaker Daudt knows better than to tie his boat to Trump’s sinking ship.

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