90 Year Old Holocaust Survivor, Gary Lenzner

I first posted this heart warming story about Gary Lenzner on January 26, 2012 and I see he has a Facebook page here  and I believe, praise God, he is still living today.

Hat Tip: My wonderful Aunt Carla from St. Louis, a great American patriot and supporter of Israel.

She e-mailed me this heart wrenching video of this courageous man’s story surviving such horrific, evil inhumanity.  Thank God for the wonderful ending of this man’s survival and his loving family getting to share their hearts with him.  You will be riveted by this video that will move you in a wide range of emotions.
Gary Lenzner from July, 2016 on his Facebook page

From the description by Josh Friedman on his You tube video, This is the amazing story of holocaust survivor Gary Lenzner who at the age of 85 years old went skydiving with this Grandson, Bryan Wasserman, to prove to Hitler that he had survived despite living as a homeless teen in Berlin and in concentration camps for over four years.”

Gary Lenzner with grandson Bryan Wasserman after skydiving on July 31, 2011 at the age of 85.

Gary Lenzner: “I went skydiving to prove Hitler didn’t win.”

Thanks to JoshFriedmanMusic of You-Tube for this moving video: 

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