Absent A Major Event – Clinton Wins 30 States In An Electoral Landslide

The Tales, following it’s being eerily uncanny in it’s accuracy of predicting the 2014 Midterm elections [House, Senate and Governors], will now put it’s reputation on the line in predicting the 2016 Presidential election. 

In making this prediction, along with the current polls [in not so much the current head to head match up-which will surely go up and down, but more importantly the “fit to be president” questions] the Tales utilized information from the great web sites of Real Clear Politics, Nate Silvers NY times 538, and the Election Betting Odds by Maxim Lott and John Stossel. 

Real Clear Politics is one of the tools helpful in making this Tales 2016 presidential election prediction

Now absent any major game changing external events in the next couple of months, such as, God forbid, an Islamic terror attack in the United States or an economic catastrophe [such as numbers indicating an almost certain recession], here is the Tales prediction of the upcoming presidential election in November of 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Disclosure: Because I have no idea about the Nebraska congressional district 2 and the Maine congressional district 2, both worth 1 electoral vote, I just split them, giving one to Trump and one to Clinton. 

Tales prediction:

Hillary Clinton will win 30 states plus the District of Columbia [3 electoral votes] and Maine’s congressional district 2 [1 electoral vote]:
CA [55]     Hawaii [4]     MA [11]     VT [3]     MD [10]     R.I. [4] Delaware [3]    IL [20]     NY [29]     WA [12]     CO [9]    CT [7]
Maine [3]     MN [10]     NH [4]     NJ [14]     New Mexico [5]
Oregon [7]     PA [20]     AZ [11]     Florida [29]     GA [16]   
IA [6]     MI [16]     Nevada [6]     NC [15]     OH [18]     VA [13]
WI [10]    Utah [10]

As you see most of the states are in line with most of the experts except possibly my picks of Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Utah to Hillary Clinton.  But even if you gave Donald Trump those four states, this still would be an electoral landslide.

Donald Trump will win 20 states plus Nebraska’s congressional district 2 [1electoral vote]:
Alabama [9]     Arkansas [6]     KS [6]     Nebraska [4]     OK [7]
West Virginia [5]     Alaska [3]     ID [4]     KY [8]     ND [3]
TN [11]     WY [3]     South Dakota [3]     Montana [3]     LA [8]
TX [38]     MS [6]     Indiana [11]     MO [10]     SC [9]

2016 Electoral Vote:
Hillary Clinton 380
Donald Trump  158

Even if the Tales is wrong about the four states of AZ, GA , NC and UT and they all go to Donald Trump that would still make it Hillary Clinton 328 to Donald Trump’s 210.

Authored By Tales from a tribble