Trump Bounce: 4 points – Race Tied

Going into the convention on Monday July 18, 2016 here are the poll numbers on Monday morning from Real Clear Politics:
So, from Real Clear Politics, Donald Trump polled at 40.6 and behind Clinton by 3.2, with Clinton up by 45 on the electoral as the week of the convention begins.
Now on Monday July 25, 2016 one week after the start of the Republican Convention and 3 full days after the end of the convention here are Real Clear Politics numbers:

Donald Trump went from 40.6 to 44.1 = a 3.5% bounce and the race went from Hillary Clinton up 3.2 to Trump up 0.2 = 3.4% gain for Trump.  So, in his personal numbers and in the spread we can call this between a 3 1/2 – 4 point bounce for Trump from the convention.  Also, Trump gained in the electoral map, now down by 38 instead of down by 45 as shown by Real Clear Politics

Now we will update this next Monday to see what if any bounce Hillary Clinton gets from the Democrat National Convention.  I have a feeling she will get about the same 3 to 4 point bounce and then we will be right back where we started at before either convention was held with Hillary up by about 3 points….but we will see. 

Authored By Tales from a tribble

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