But As For Me

I know not what course others may take; but as for me,” I stand with these great patriots:

Weekly Standard – Fox News contributor – Stephen Hayes
Senior Editor National Review – Jonah Goldberg

CNN political commentator – Tara Setmayer

Editor Weekly Standard – Bill Kristol
Columnist Senior Fellow EPPC – NRO contributor – Mona Charen
Foreign Affairs columnist & Editor WSJ – FNC – Bret Stephens
GOP strategist/consultant – TV commentator – Cheri Jacobus

Blogger Washington Post – Friend of Israel – Jennifer Rubin
Writer TheResurgent.com – WSB Radio – FNC – Erick Erickson
NY Times best selling author – Brad Thor
Columnist – Author – worked in Reagan WH – Linda Chavez
U.S. Senator Nebraska Republican – Ben Sasse
Veteran – Writer NRO – Bestselling author – David French


Senior Editor NRO – music critic – Jay Nordlinger

  Columnist Washington Post – author – FNC – George Will

Republican media strategist – Rick Wilson
Blogger @Commentary – Senior Fellow EPPC – Peter Wehner
  Governor – 2012 GOP presidential nominee – Mitt Romney
Republican pundit – CNN – ABC – Ana Navarro
Conservative talk show host – author – Charlie Sykes

A pretty impressive list in my humble opinion.

Authored By Tales from a tribble

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