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Moving the Blog

I am moving this blog to the original domain. This domain will be gone in the near future. So go over there from now on.   and here is a little song to say goodbye to

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Moving back to

In all the craziness when we had a DDOS attack on TMR and my blog, I never got around to using my domain for Stix Blog. But since I am starting up a Hosting Company in the near future, I thought I should go back and us again. I just added the last months worth of posts over there for now, if anyone wants to see my older stuff, they can go to my backup blog. It has my stuff going all the way back to 2004. I am still working on getting the design and look up there….

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Cruella Seblius Contest

WE have a Cruella Seblius Contest over at TMR   Check it out      

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Glenn McCoy

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Sebelius’ Replacement????

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Congratulations Red Sox

It was a weird and also a very good World Series.  The Red Sox just wanted it more that the Cardinals did. It was mostly a pitchers duel for the most part, but in the end the Red Sox broke it open. And the Cardinals could not bring in the runs. They left too many on base and made too many errors in this series Congratulations to the Red Sox. And the Cardinals are not down and out. They still have a good team, with a lot of  young talent.    

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