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Petit Tyrants

World War Z – Audio Production (Abridged)

Even if you’re not into zombies, the world war z abridged audio production of World War Z is worth a listen.

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Book Review: Isaac’s Storm

Isaac’s Storm is about the devastating Galveston hurricane of 1900, the nascent National Weather Service … and their spectacular and criminal incompetence.

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Book Review: Thunderstruck

Erik Larson’s Thunderstruck reads like a novel, but it isn’t. It’s a non-fiction history of the invention of wireless telegraphy and a famous murder.

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Arundel by Kenneth Roberts

Arundel is an entertaining and highly informative story, and it is clear that Roberts did a lot of research. This reader learned a lot from reading it, and independently verified some of what Roberts had to say, following the trail whose origins the author thankfully included in a brief bibliography at the end of the book.

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A Refusal To Reach For Heaven Means an Involuntary Decent Into Hell*

Life is transitory, but not meaningless and without purpose. Uncovering that purpose, and recognizing the transitory nature of our time on earth, forces one to confront certain realities that the are unpleasant to a mind that has been trained brain-washed to focus only upon what it can see, touch and feel.

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Words and Deeds 

The poet and novelist Marion Montgomery, wrote: “The truth of things, which must be our concern always, is revealed through words rightly used and rightly taken.”

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