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Petit Tyrants

Band of Giants by Jack Kelly

Band of Giants is a book about great characters who overcame, what seems in retrospect, nearly insurmountable odds to beat the world’s foremost military and naval power. In the space of a short few hundred pages author Jack Kelly takes the reader through the War of Independence from start to finish, lingering here and there to illuminate some of the fantastic characters who achieved the seemingly impossible. Kelly points out that men like Hamilton, Lafayette, Henry Knox, Anthony Wayne, and Nathaniel Greene, to name a few, “… had fought with the intensity of youth. They had taken the risks that come easily to the young, had seen with the clarity of youth, had dreamed the dreams of youth. They beheld the phantasmagoria of possibilities that is visible only to the young. They had persevered, they had won. They were, as Lafayette had long ago marveled, “a band of giants.””

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Miraculous Staircase

A few years ago, my wife and I went to Santa Fe and had the opportunity to see the miraculous staircase in the Loretto Chapel.  This is definitely an incredible thing.

This chapel served as a convent and when completed …

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Book Review: Retro

This story revolves around 2 murders and takes the reader back in time 50 years, to when racial tensions were high, and the fight game wasn’t as sophisticated as it was later to become. A black fighter is murdered, and nearly 50 years later his illegitimate son is killed with the same gun. The descriptions of the times are vivid and interesting.

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Their Last Full Measure The Final Days of the Civil War By Joseph Wheelan

Wheelan has written a powerful and absorbing account of the final days of the Civil War. He includes Lincoln’s assassination, the manhunt that followed and the failure of Reconstruction, as well as the post war lives of key military and civilian figures. Even readers steeped in Civil War history will find it worth their time and attention.

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Werewolf Cop by Andrew Klavan

Klavan’s latest novel is both entertaining and thought provoking. It’s the story Zach Adams, dubbed “The Supercop” by the press, after saving a child from a ruthless psychopath. But this cop, is no ordinary superhero – he’s a werewolf!

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The Return of George Washington by Edward J. Larson

The title of this book seems to indicate that during the years between George Washington’s voluntary relinquishing of his command at Annapolis and his assumption of the presidency, he was truly retired from public service. In reality The Return of George Washington is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, once the facts are known.

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