A Draught of Sewage

In the most recent Claremont Review of Books I stumbled upon reference to the following adage from Schopenhauer’s Law of Entropy.

If you put a spoonful of wine in a barrel full of sewage, you get sewage. If you put

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Making Gay Okay by Robert Reilly

Making Gay Okay is a sobering philosophical analysis of the movement to destroy the concept of rational morality. It is a highly thoughtful examination of the conflicting views on what it is to be a human being and the consequences of abandoning the concept of morality as a derivative of reason.

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Great Reviews

Both of these reviewers did a phenomenal job – the reviews are worth reading on their own merits – especially if one lacks the time to read the books about which they were written.

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My Grandfather, The Butcher

Here’s a story to make you smile.

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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

This is a movie worth seeing, and those with eyes to see and ears to hear, will draw their own conclusions.

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Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann

My parents are very smart, and very well educated. They have always spoken highly of Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann. Now that I have finished it, I don’t know why.

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